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Gop senator argues for eliminating minimum wage In february, president obama pushed for an increase in the minimum wage, and soon after, a national poll found that by a nearly threetoone margin, americans agreed with him. But among many congressional republicans, there isn't just opposition to increasing the minimum wage, but also to the existence of a minimum wage. Sen.Lamar alexander(Rtenn. ), the ranking Republican on the Senate's labor committee, said in a hearing Tuesday that he would prefer to see the minimum wage abolished. Alexander's declaration came amid a backandforth between a witness from the conservative heritage foundation and sens.Tom harkin(Diowa)And bernie sanders(Ivt. ).The trio had been debating what kind of impact a higher minimum wage would have on a theoretical worker, and it seemed sanders wanted to know whether the witness opposed raising the minimum wage or having a minimum wage at all. When sanders noted that there are"Some conservatives who do not believe in the concept of the minimum wage,"Alexander jumped in to endorse that position. "So you do not believe in the concept of the minimum wage? "The vermonter asked? "That's Correct,"Alexander responded.When sanders followed up, asking if the tennessee republican would"Abolish"The minimum wage, alexander replied,"Correct. " The gop lawmaker said he preferred a"Negative income tax"System and an expansion of the earned income tax credit, though alexander added he opposes these ideas, too he just sees them as less offensive than a minimum wage. Such talk is increasingly common in republican circles.For many years, the debate was partisan but limited democrats pushed for minimumwage increases;Republicans pushed for leaving the wage where it is, http://www.stwd.co.uk/ even as it lost its purchasing power.But as the gop has become more radical, it's easier to find prominent republicans rejecting the very idea of a minimum wage altogether. Consider just the last few years. In 2010 senate races, for example, republican nominees in connecticut, alaska, west virginia, kentucky, and the state of washington all argued that they either oppose the minimum wage, consider its existence unconstitutional, or both.In march 2012, there was a debate among republican senate candidates in missouri, most of whom argued for the elimination of the minimum wage.And a year later, sen.Marco rubio(Rfla. ), who has obvious national ambitions, said he too is against the existence of a minimum wage. Before the party's radicalization, republican leaders used to champion a"Living wage,"And as recently as the 1970s, gop support for wage controls, at least on a temporary basis, was not uncommon. Today's gop would have been unrecognizable to these republicans of decades past. Could this be fair?Ah yes everyone should work for nothing, no personal income this means no taxes paid, would mean 6, 134, 567 payroll accountants and tax attorneys and irs employees.However unemployment would no longer matter, since we would have not been paid under this plan anyway.Then as 'negative income tax' is proposed, it could not be called a '.Income tax' since there would no income.But whatever means of redistributing the wealth through non wagers, could fair if it were the same for everyone. However the question of the governments need for revenue will soon dawn, but then only corporations could be tapped for revenues.This has a problem because corporations are committed to paying no taxes.The one way would be to have corporations donate their products to the government who then allocates an even portion for distribution.These conservative views might allow a doctor to be paid the same share as anyone else, which makes sense since no one needs health care.The ceo country club would not be able to rate its members by income. Thus we have clue, we could replace the common stock with equity stock, and then allocate those shares, and earning to the citizens.The formerly poor people could not called poor since they would own their own productive slice of the county's wealth producing enterprises, they could be well advised to keep their allocated equity shares.The formerly rich, over time, could then trade their equity positions, to enhance their proportion;After all they are the wealth creators in every society throughout human history.The drawback would be that they then would have run their businesses much the better, it is work. The united states of american becomes the united states of corporations.As representative corporations replace the citizen's democracy it is still a republic, less so but none the less.Then any business destined to remain in business, will create corporate senate that will want to reduce expenses, and would consider wars as bad for business.The corporate house will spend its time gather donated equity shares, which it too can trade for better portfolio.The new corporate congress will see that business grow new equity.It would not belong before the trader of equity holdings, grew every bit as wealth as they are now.Those citizens working for no wages for the glory of corpoemperor will always have income from their equity holdings. How will this lift all ships?With corporations running the show they can run everything, leaving no part unattended to.If someone would sell their equity shares and lose their holdings, depending conservative sentiments, they could become nonpersons.If this portion become too high, the public tolerance for seeing street living could exceed, the corporate would build gated communities, or controlled media access to keep this quiet.Once the quietness, it may possible to come up new ways dealing with poor on business cost basis. I can remember, only 46 years ago, when a 30hour work week at minimum wage($1/25/hr)Would pay for a 1bedroom apartment in west hollywood, to buy all the groceries and domestic things needed, operate a car(Insurance included)And still leave money to go to the movies 34 times a month.Today in los angeles, fulltime employment at the minimum wage wouldn't pay for a rented garage in west hollywood, hell it wouldn't even pay for a 1bedroom apartment in north hollywood. I'm Formal Evening Dresses also old enough to remember when lamar alexander was thought of as a responsible, thoughtful, moderate republican(Only 20 years ago! ).The man's soulless hypocrisy in pursuing the support of the scumballs is truly disgusting. The problem with lamar is that he understands nothing about how great deals on Party Dresses are economy works.Or if he does understand it then his bosses the koch boys are making him say some really stupid things.Our main problem in todays economy is that businesses have squeezed the workers by taking away benefits, wages, and hours worked.Once a month we hear that the gdp numbers are not rising as fast as they need to.The reason demand has flattened out is because of what i listed above.So lamar wants to make it even worse by further reducing the ability of workers/ customers to buy the goods and services that we need to generate more jobs.Just once i would love for a newsperson to ask grover norquist where the businesses get every cent that they use to pay overhead and also taxes.It comes from the customer/ worker dummy! 2.7 Fri Jun 28, 2013 1:54 AM EDT I think a congresscritter should be paid three times what the average citizen in his district makes, senators three times their average state citizen's income, and the president three times what the average american makes

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